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A unique combination of Functional Medicine & Nutrigenomics to deliver exceptional personalised health care


Functional Medicine is a science-based and patient-centred approach to health care that seeks to discover how and why illness occurs. Complex, chronic health problems require a thorough investigation of body systems and a multi-layered approach to achieve better health. Instead of disease as the point of focus, Functional Medicine addresses the inter-connecting genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors that underlie disease and dysfunction in order to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. This approach is delivered with nutritional therapy and lifestyle modifications as core features.

You do not need a referral, but trust that if your doctor has referred you to me, we will be working together to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

~ Amanda Downsborough ~

The Essentials Explained

Metabolism and Biochemistry

Metabolism refers to how our body converts food into energy, and Biochemistry refers to the chemical compounds and processes within the body. What we consume through food and drink has a profound influence on our Biochemistry and Metabolism, with nutrients playing a vital role in cell health and function. A personalised biochemical analysis can be gained by thorough history and examination, nutrition analysis, food and environmental allergy and sensitivity testing, stool analysis, immune and hormonal testing, and genetic testing.


Genes are the set of instructions that the body uses to make specific proteins to build, regulate, and maintain health. A variation to a gene, called a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, or SNP (pronounced “snip”), can cause an alteration to the proteins that are made, which can then affect cell function. SNPs can affect nutrient absorption, metabolism, elimination, and biological effects. Genetic analysis allows assessment of many genes, so that SNPs in various biochemical pathways can be identified.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

A number of modifiable lifestyle factors impact our health and wellbeing. These factors include nutritional status, exercise or activity, sleep and relaxation, stress, and relationships. Individually designed dietary and lifestyle recommendations help to optimise health outcomes, and with added support from nutraceuticals when required, allow more efficient functioning. Combining Nutrigenomics with Functional Medicine enables an even more precise plan for individualised health care, enabling you to achieve your best possible health sooner.

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it"Hippocrates


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    Health Conditions

    Almost all chronic health conditions can benefit from addressing underlying genetic, metabolic and nutritional factors. With this as my main focus, I am able to treat a wide variety conditions in both children and adults. These include mood and behavioural disturbance, allergies and intolerances, eczema, gut issues, autoimmunity, headaches, sleep disorders, fatigue, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, and more.


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    Working With Your Doctor

    Your Doctor may have referred you to me so that together we can achieve the best possible outcome for you. This has a significant advantage because we will approach your health from different perspectives. It is important that you continue with a regular GP, as well as any Specialists that you require. I cannot provide a medical diagnosis or prescribe pharmaceutical medicines.


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    Nutrigenomics is a term that describes the interaction of genes and nutrients, and how each impacts the other. To consider how the body functions, it is useful to think of a single biochemical pathway like one cog of an extensive and intricate clock. Blocking or hindering one cog from turning will complicate the entire mechanism.


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  • About Me

    Amanda Downsborough

    BSc, PGDip, GradCert, MSc, ACAAM

    I am a Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics practitioner based in Perth, Western Australia. Frustrated by the lack of answers in the current health care paradigm, I turned my focus to investigate biochemical imbalances and genetic variations as ways to restore health. I completed a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine through University of Western States, USA, graduating with distinction, then became board certified in anti-ageing medicine (A5M). I am passionate about learning new things and helping people to achieve optimal health in a less-than-healthy world.

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